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Economic Experts

Case Synopses by Practice Areas

Our experts have provided economic and accounting analysis for a broad range of cases, many resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements or judgments.

Breach of Contract

Andrx Therapeutics, Inc. Mallinckrodt, Inc. Lost sales on the analgesic hydrocodone bitartate with acetaminophen Pharmaceutical
Cequent Performance Products, Inc. f/k/a Cequent Towing Products, Inc. Let’s Go Aero, Inc. Trailer accessories Sporting Goods
Edizone, LLC Merck & Co., Shering-Plough Healthcare Products, Inc., Brownshoe Company, Inc., Target Corporation, Walgreen Co., Does 1 – 50 Dr. Scholl’s Insoles and Heel Cushions Medical and Healthcare Products
Felix Alba, et al. Malvern Instruments Ltd. Breach of a technology transfer agreement regarding acoustical spectroscopy instruments Laboratory Equipment
Flou S.P.A Rid-Gid Products, Inc. Furniture designs Household Durable Goods
MGA Entertainment, Inc. Ubisoft Entertainment, S.A. Lost royalties due to termination of a license agreement to market a Bratz dolls video game Entertainment
One Hour Air Conditioning Franchising, LLC Dallas Unique Indoor Comfort, LTD. HVAC Repair Home Services
One Hour Air Conditioning Franchising, LLC Southland Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc., et al. HVAC Repair Home Services
Venture Corporation Ltd and Venture Design Services, Inc. James Barrett Sales commitments secured by Mr. Barrett Mining
VenVest Ballard, Inc., et al. Clockwork, Inc., et al. HVAC Repair Home Services
VF Imagewear, Inc. and Imagewear Apparel Corp. Franco Apparel Group, Inc. MLB, NBA, and NCAA licensed apparel Apparel