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Economic Experts

Case Synopses by Practice Areas

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Our experts have provided economic and accounting analysis for a broad range of cases, many resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements or judgments.

Breach of Contract

Andrx Therapeutics, Inc. Mallinckrodt, Inc. Lost sales on the analgesic hydrocodone bitartate with acetaminophen Pharmaceutical
Cequent Performance Products, Inc. f/k/a Cequent Towing Products, Inc. Let’s Go Aero, Inc. Trailer accessories Sporting Goods
Edizone, LLC Merck & Co., Shering-Plough Healthcare Products, Inc., Brownshoe Company, Inc., Target Corporation, Walgreen Co., Does 1 – 50 Dr. Scholl’s Insoles and Heel Cushions Medical and Healthcare Products
Felix Alba, et al. Malvern Instruments Ltd. Breach of a technology transfer agreement regarding acoustical spectroscopy instruments Laboratory Equipment
Flou S.P.A Rid-Gid Products, Inc. Furniture designs Household Durable Goods
MGA Entertainment, Inc. Ubisoft Entertainment, S.A. Lost royalties due to termination of a license agreement to market a Bratz dolls video game Entertainment
VF Imagewear, Inc. and Imagewear Apparel Corp. Franco Apparel Group, Inc. MLB, NBA, and NCAA licensed apparel Apparel

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