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Economic Experts

Case Synopses by Practice Areas

Our experts have provided economic and accounting analysis for a broad range of cases, many resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements or judgments.

Copyright Infringement Damages

Ajaxo, Inc., Bank of America, et al. Wireless banking solutions Computer Software
Brian Murray Tony Hawk, Mattel, and Activision Images for placement on underside of skateboards Entertainment
Brian Warner p/k/a Marilyn Manson, et al. Hot JWP Music, Inc., et al. Music and video performances Recording
Bryan Callan Christian Audigier, Inc., et al. Artwork Apparel
Cresco, Inc. Target Stores Designs of lawn and garden products Lawn & Garden Products
David Silva Paul Frank Industries, et al. Images of Julius the Monkey Apparel
Designs in Copper, Inc. Import Resource Group, Inc., et al. Designs of lawn and garden products Lawn & Garden
e autoXchange, LLC Academy, LLC d/b/a Phil Long Ford of Chapel Hills Software Computer Software
Elohim EPF USA, Inc. and Ratt Music Total Music Connection, Inc., et al. Music Compositions in Karaoke Machines Entertainment
Emily Lowry and Kenna Ellis Michelle Romero, et al. Handbag with copyrighted interchangeable covers Apparel and Accessories
Financial Freedom International, Inc. International Credit Repair Service, Inc., et al. Debt management treatises Financial Services
Glennon Marrero Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson p/k/a Tyga, et al. Use of Mr. Marrero’s purported copyrighted designs on apparel Apparel
Oracle USA, Inc. Rimini Street, Inc., et al. Enterprise software programs Computer Software
Steiner, et al. ABC, Inc., et al. Sound recording royalties Recording
Student Lifeline, Inc. The Senate of the State of New York, et al. Child ID kits Security
Synygy, Inc. Novo Nordisk, Inc. f/k/a Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; ZS Associates, Inc. Incentive Compensation Reports Computer Software
Ubisoft, Inc. Optical Experts Manufacturing, Inc. Videogame “Assassin’s Creed” Entertainment
Urband & Lazar Music Publishing, Inc. Dwayne A. Carter p/k/a Lil’ Wayne Musical composition entitled “Once” Recording
Walker Zanger, Inc. Paragon Industries, Inc., d/b/a Bedrosians Designs on ceramic tile Construction