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Economic Experts

Case Synopses by Practice Areas

Our experts have provided economic and accounting analysis for a broad range of cases, many resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements or judgments.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Argus Fire and Casualty Ins. Co., et al. American Superior Insurance Company, et al. Misappropriation of trade secrects regarding insurance policies, claims adjusting rules, and policy selection criteria Insurance Underwriting
CD Listening Bar, Inc. d/b/a Super D and Super D/Phantom Sound & Video MSI Music Corporation d/b/a MSI of Miami, et al. Client and vendor lists Recording
digEcor, Inc. e.Digital Corporation, et al. Schematics, software, and technical specifications Electronics
Health Line International Semprus Biosciences, et al. Anti-biologic polymer coating for medical products Medical Instrument
Imaging Technologies Direct, LLC d/b/a ITD Print Solutions Yorktown Industries, Inc., et al. Toner Cartridges Office Supplies
James B. Morris Evans & Zusman, PC, et al. RAVE emulator Electronics
Karl Heinz Priewasser Lintec Corporation, et al. Protective Sheet used on Semiconductor Wafers Computer Hardware
Memry Corporation Kentucky Oil, NV, U.S. Inc., et al. Oil well and sand screen applications Oil and Gas
Mike Vaughn Custom Sports, Inc. Chrystem “Chris” Piku, et al. Vaughn’s business information, trade secrets, product designs, and trade dress Sports Equipment
OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc., et al. West Worldwide Services Tire and Wheel Assembly Wholesale
Philips Medical, Inc. B.C. Technical, Inc. Customer list, customer information, contract list, and contract termination dates Medical Instrument
Preferred Pump & Equipment L.P. Drillers Service, Inc. Preferred Pump’s “Price Book,” which included product cost information Wholesale Distribution
Robin Sing Educational Services d/b/a TestMasters Blueprint Test Preparation, LLC, et al. LSAT test preparation materials Education
The KatiRoll Company Kati Junction, et al. Kati Rolls Restaurant
Video Tech Services, Inc. d/b/a VTS Services Edward Abdalla, et al. VTS Services’ client list Audio/Visual