Choosing the right survey expert is an important decision for at least two reasons: (i) the chosen expert must design a reliable survey, and (ii) the expert must give clear, understandable, well-reasoned deposition and trial testimony.

We asked our network of intellectual property attorneys from across the country to suggest a survey expert; the most recommended experts are:

Dr. Bruce Isaacson | MMR Strategy Group | |

Hal Poret | Hal Poret, LLC | |

Dr. Jacob Jacoby | Jacoby IP Research | |

Phil Johnson | JJG Group |

We also asked our network of attorneys to suggest a Voir Dire consultant. The most frequently recommended Voir Dire consultants are:

Chris Dominic | Tsongas Strategic Partners in Advocacy | |

Dr. Dan Dugan | Trial Science | |

Harry Plotkin | Your Next Jury | |

Johanna Carrane | Jury Scope | |