Sharp Corporation Settles Patent Litigation

Scott Hampton was retained by Sharp Corporation as a damages expert for Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. v. Sharp Corporation, case number 2:07-CV-468, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division.

Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. filed the action against Sharp and DAI Nippon Printing, alleging infringement of United States Patent Nos. RE 37,682 and RE 36,711, and requesting $109,000,000 in reasonable royalty damages.

Sharp was represented by Nixon and Vanderhye and DAI Nippon Printing was represented by Milbank.

The patents relate to a method of fabricating liquid crystal displays used in televisions, computer monitors, and handled devices.

Mr. Hampton submitted an expert report and two supplemental reports establishing reasonable royalty damages.

Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. moved to exclude Mr. Hampton’s testimony. The court denied the motion and allowed Mr. Hampton’s testimony.

Sharp settled the case to its satisfaction immediately before trial.