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Forensic Accounting with Our Expert Witness

Nationwide Litigation Support for Complex Financial Cases

As your financial accounting consultant, Hampton IP provides analysis and reporting for investigations of fraud, embezzlement, and other cases involving a financial audit. Our independent, clear, and concise findings are submitted to the court during litigation.

Hampton IP's services provide counsel for a variety of industries, including banks, government organizations, legal firms, insurance companies, and other commercial companies.

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Expert Testimony for Investigative Accounting

Forensic accounting services specifically provide fact-finding support during investigations of financial crimes. Our job as your forensic accounting consultant is to use our three decades of experience to uncover red flags and fraud in a company's financial records. Then, we analyze irregularities and develop a report that is verifiable and testable.

Litigation support services we provide include:

  • Reports on sales records
  • Tracking operational procedures
  • Providing expert testimony in court
  • Actively auditing financial statements and profit reports
  • Uncovering truths within financial databases
  • Interviewing the accused
  • Analysis of assets and suspicious financial activity, where applicable
  • Providing damage reports

Serving a Vast Array of Industries as Expert Witnesses

Our expert consulting firm is composed of specialists with specific degrees in accounting and economics. Through our targeted expertise, we are able to construct a well-rounded investigation that intelligently analyzes the facts and provides a concise report for your purposes.

Hampton IP works with law firms all across the country and corporations around the world to calculate and present damage claims on high profile forensic accounting cases. Due to our years of experience, we are also able to offer a wise and clear plan of action regarding your use of the data we provide.

In addition, Hampton IP consulting are expert witnesses prepared to assist you in the litigation process. Evidence-based reports can be presented in court to provide insight into your case. More information can be requested by contacting Hampton IP for your forensic accounting needs.

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