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If you are currently embroiled in a complex patent infringement battle, it is in your best interest to select one of the industry’s leading patent infringement expert witness firms. Hampton IP is widely recognized and acknowledged for deeply analytic investigations, expert insights, and highly dependable economic and financial valuation conclusions. Our in-depth experience in this specific area goes unparalleled and has often led to great success for our clients, their firms, and their clients.

Why Hampton IP Is the Preferred Choice for IP Disputes

We understand that it is your prerogative to protect your client’s interests and their intellectual property. Your success will be ours, and therefore, it is our primary mission to help you create a winning strategy. Proving patent infringement damages requires comprehensive knowledge of patents, the bundle of rights patent owners enjoy, and prior court decisions relating to patent damages.

Choose a Leader in the Field of IP Valuation

Our clients trust our professional judgment and insight. A review of our prior patent infringement cases demonstrates our broad experience and the trust our clients place in our abilities.

When you choose to work with Hampton IP, you can expect:

  • Knowledge: We understand the nuances of patent infringement issues and how this may impact your client’s brand, brand recognition, or brand awareness.
  • Experience: Our experts have extensive experience calculating and testifying about patent infringement lost profit and reasonable royalty damages.
  • Strategy: Our experts understand and use the accepted methods for establishing patent infringement damages.
  • Expertise: We clarify complex fact patterns and present our findings in precise and clearly supported Rule 26 expert reports and oral testimony.

We understand what is on the line and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Call us at (888) 502-8228 to speak with us about your specific patent infringement matter.

National Practice, Global Experience

Success can often hang in the balance. Indisputable evidentiary proof can help tip the scale in your favor. Hampton IP is one of the nation’s leading firms for IP valuation and expert consulting services. Though we focus on serving the nation’s communities, our practice often has a greater, global reach. We have served some of the world’s greatest companies and premier law firms.

We handle every matter with dependable expertise and offer pointed critique when necessary. Call (888) 502-8228 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

Why Is Hampton IP

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  • Leading Expert Witnesses for Intellectual Property
  • National Practice with a Global Experience
  • Free Phone Consultation
  • Quality Product. Quick Turnaround. Competitive Price.

Highest Quality and Effectiveness

Our Clients Share Their Experience
  • “Scott is an excellent expert witness”

    - Steve Smith: Owner at Greenberg Glusker, Los Angenes
  • “Scott provides competent analysis of the issues at bar and helps us develop a persuasive and believable presentation to the Court.”

    - Larry Nixon: President at Nixon & Vanderhye P.C., Washington D.C
  • “We would gladly seek them again should the need arise.”

    - Keith Wallace: Chief Financial Officer, C.R. England, Inc.